After dealing with a Greddy Emanage install on my Brother’s Celica Alltrac a few years ago, I recently became interested in the Emanage again.  The Emanage is a nice, cheap piggyback that has caught my attention because of all the ways you can hack it.  A few years back you could change a resistor and upgrade the firmware to that of an exclusive Japanese model — the gold Emanage.  While it added functionality, I believe the American firmware has caught up to the Japanese one in terms of features and functionality.

Here are some files I have collected, mostly from the Emanage Yahoo Group.

  • The Greddy Support Tool program can be downloaded from here.  It is version 1.20 with Emanage firmware version 1.40.
  • The Update to the Greddy Support Tool can be downloaded here.  This will update the Support Tool to version 1.25 and the firmware to version 1.47.  This was the latest update I could find, although a 1.49 is probably out there somewhere.
  • The whole Greddy Emanage Software Manual can be downloaded from here.
  • Although the Emanage has a USB socket on the front, it does not use USB protocols.  The signal is actually a TTL signal much like used in the datalogging hacks on Honda ECU’s.  Therefore, a Nokia phone cable can be used for a USB to Emanage adapter.  Instructions can be found here.

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