I have recently been getting into Home brewing.  My first project was an orange and honey mead.  Its a very simple recipe using just 3 lbs honey, 1 orange, 25 raisins, 1 packet bread yeast, and 1 gallon spring water.   The recipe can be found here. After 4 weeks of fermentation, I ended up with a very strong tasting white wine with hints of orange.

After getting better supplies from a local home brew supply store, I started on 2 more batches of simple mead.  The first was about 2 1/2 lbs of honey with 3 peaches chopped up. The second was about 2 1/2 lbs of honey and a tub of pineapple chunks. The peach batch was bubbling rapidly in an hour or two and the pineapple batch started foaming the next morning. I will have to be more patient with these, so I may not taste them for a few months.  I will be racking and bottling these batches in the hopes that I get a better tasting result.

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